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Periana's town fountain

Periana In the region of Alta Axarquia, about 50 kilometres from Malaga city, appearing like a huge vantage point dominating the beautiful countryside that surrounds it. Its privileged position allows it to enjoy a coastal climate, even though it's situated in the interior of the province... more info

Water birth

Los Baños de Vilo (8kms)An old Arab spa with extraordinary water containing sulphur, magnesium, calcium and nitrogen that comes out  about 21 degrees centigrade and whose curative properties are particularly known for skin problems... more info

Nacimiento del Río Guaro

Nacimiento del río Guaro (8kms) Its main attraction is the source of the River Guaro. In the winter and spring months you can see the abundant volume of water coming out of the rocks, overflowing the waterway of the mountains of Marchamona with its spectacular drop down into the river... more info

Alfarnate's Square

Alfarnate (20kms) A town over the 'Puerto del Sol', the 'port of the sun', the only old access from the meseta to the coast and to the city of Malaga, which is why it was a hot spot for Andalucian bandits such as Emilio Candiles... more info

Alhama de Granada views

Alhama de Granada (34kms) Famous for its hot springs and spa with open-air pools. The town is worth a visit. It has eight Romanesque churches and was the bridgehead in the war of the Catholic Monarchs in their conquest of the kingdom of Granada... more info

Comares in winter

Comares (42kms) An ancient Arab fort, today it is the wine capital of Malaga, producing sweet moscatel wine. Its typical dish is that of the moutains, migas (breadcrumbs) served with chorizo, morcilla (black pudding),pork loin,  fried pepper and fried egg...  more info

Torre del Mar Light House

Torre del Mar (31kms) Excellent Tourist town, with its large beaches, its promenade dotted with excellent beach bars serving fried fish, typical of Malaga. It's worth a visit, as well as the fishing port of Caleta de Velez, with its market and its fishermen... more info

Country Goats at La Maroma

La Maroma The climb to the summit of La Maroma via the north face is without doubt, one of the most thought provoking routes of the natural park 'Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama' and one of the most known by mountain climbers and hikers... more info

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